Upcoming Events

We ask that all stories be pre-written in advanced.

If you have a song that you would like to perform from youtube, please let our Loremaster, J'taliaa Rhuwa, aware. She will set up a cytube link to share with you and our patrons.

Bards are welcome to show off their performance skills.

Some stories may contain violence, romance, betrayal, and more.

Please keep any erotic stories at home.

Balmung, Plot 51, 4th Ward, The Lavender Beds
Closest Aethernet Shard: Wildflower Stalls Subdivision

Hunt Board

Hunt Information Releasing Soon


Interesting in joining Queen's Gambit? Or decided to join in on a hunt or event? Please reach out to either J'taliaa Rhuwa or Braeya Vilheim in game. OR feel free to join our discord server!

We are currently hiring for ALL positions and offer a cross-world link shell for those not on Balmung or wish to be apart of our staff but are unable to join the FC.